How To Stop Blurriness In Some Apps In Windows 10?

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Have you upgraded to Windows 10 and noticed that some of your Apps have turned blurry? Are you frustrated because there is no way to fix it? If you have checked the troubleshooting guide on the Microsoft website regarding this issue, and are still unable to find a solution, then follow the methods below which will hopefully help you fix this harmful bug in the operating system.

Stop blurriness in some Apps in Window

Sometimes, some apps in Windows 10 may have a blurry appearance on the screen. This creates difficulties in differentiating the desktop’s background from the applications.  Incorrect settings of the DPI make the interface small bringing about the blurry appearance.

Wrong scaling can also result to blurriness in some apps.  This can be solved by tweaking specific computer settings as discussed below.

Method 1: Enabling the Built-In Troubleshooter

When DPI scaling and Windows are on a monitor with a large resolution, issues are likely to appear. This normally happens when the size of the screen is on the inferior side. A resolution of full HD will result to a blurry display on a monitor of 15.6 inches.

Outdated desktop programs are the key targets of this particular problem because they have not been optimized to support full HD. A unique trouble shooter has been developed by Microsoft so that it can help you in solving this problem. The interface is scaled automatically, hence fixing the blurry applications. Follow the outlined procedures.

  1. Open the display settings by right clicking on your desktop.
  2. Click the settings of advanced scaling.
    Advanced scaling
  3. Put on the option of “let Windows try to fix apps so they’re not blurry”. Ensure your computer is restarted to make improvements visible.
    let Windows try to fix apps so they’re not blurry

Method 2: Adjust the DPI by Tweaking the Compatibility Mode Settings

If your UWP is fitting the “legacy tag”, Win32 alternatives will not work in fixing the blurry vision on fresh displays. Newer displays have remarkably high resolutions. Follow these steps to access the compatibility settings.

  1. Open properties by clicking the blurry application.
  2. Select compatibility tab.
  3. Choose the “change the DPI settings” option.
    change the DPI settings
  4. You can also adopt this method to solve scaling problems.
  5. Using this dialog box, it is very possible to override high scaling of the DPI. This gives you the ability to enforce scaling of the app.
    override high scaling of the DPI

Method 3: Go to Display Settings and Regulate the Display Scaling Manually

While there are different solutions, the key goal is to come up with a better display scaling. Most of the times, you will trade quality for visibility and vice versa. You can tweak the scaling manually by moving it to 115% which is within the required range of 100% to 125%. To do this, follow the following steps.

  1. Visit the Display settings in the contextual menu.
  2. Click on the setting of advanced scaling.
    the setting of advanced scaling
  3. Choose a value between 100 and 125 and Insert it in the custom scaling then apply the changes.
    Choose a value between

Method 4: Make Sure to Enable “The Clear Type” For the Blurry Fonts

Fonts are affected by blurriness at some point and this makes reading difficult. Even if the fonts are enlarged, the required aesthetic will not be achieved. This is how to make sure the clear type is enabled.

  1. Ensure “clear type” is written in the search bar and “Adjust Clear Type text.” Will appear.
    Adjust Clear Type text
  2. Configure everything successfully after it has been enabled.
    Configure everything successfully
  3. Ensure you restart your computer so that change take effect.

Method 5: Check the Display Drivers

  • If displays drivers have faults, it will lead to a blurred app display. Visit the official website and look for the authorized driver for the GPU. They are offered by the OEM through the official website. The major GPU OEMS Include NVidia, AMD/ATI and Intel. NVidia is as outlined below.
    Check the Display Drivers

Summary: Stop blurriness in some Apps in Windows 10

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Now simply choose the display option from the list.
  • Increasing the scaling percentage to 125% would be a good start.
  • After that, you will have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
  • Similarly, you can try other options to disable full-screen mode in Windows 10.


The discussed steps have been well explained to guide you prevent blurriness in some apps in Windows 10. Follow them carefully and have your problem solved to get a quality display. You can choose whichever method works best for you to removing blurriness in Windows 10 apps.