MySQL Error 1364 | How To Resolve It?

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MySQL Error 1364 is a problem that can crop up when a user tries to insert a null value into a field in their table. This error typically appears when the user has not been given enough information about the table they are trying to access. The best way to solve this problem is to check the table for validity before you try to insert the data.

MySQL Error 1364

MySQL 1364 is an error that can crash your website.

How to Fix MySQL Error 1364

If you’re having trouble with MySQL Error 1364, it may be because the Database is not up to date. To check the Database for updates, use the MySQL command. For example: 

cd /usr/local/mysql && mysql -u root -p

Repair the MySQL Database

Once you know that the MySQL database is not up to date, it’s time to fix it. Use the mysql command to repair the Database if it’s frozen:

cd /usr/local/mysql && mysql -r --fix-database

Reset the MySQL Database

If your MySQL database is still not working right, you may need to reset it. This can be done by using the mysql command like this:

mysql -u root -p >> reset_database_info

Reset the Database if it is frozen

If your MySQL database is stuck in a frozen state and you want to get it back online, try using these steps:

  1. run sudo passwordreset
  2. startctl
  3. rcctl;
  4. systemctl enable epmd
  5. systemctl start epmd
  6. mysql -u root -p

Logic Solution

When inserting a record, the value is null, but the error is not thrown if you specify a value for the field or specify that the field can be null. For example, the following steps would throw the error with a column that cannot be null.

  • INSERT INTO user (column_a, column_b) VALUES ("Value First Column", NULL);
  • Now, to make the column nullable, it needs to be altered.

These steps will help you to fix the MySQL 1364 error.

Server Side Solution

Another simple solution is to uninstall the MySQL’s strict mode. To disable the MySQL’s strict mode configuration, we need to remove the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES option and enable the NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION mode.



# Or


After you are done with it, save it and restart MySQL. The Error 524 won’t appear again.

Repair the MySQL Data

If your MySQL data is corrupt, you can try to fix it with a softwareheny fix like PHPMysqlFixer. This tool will reformat your Database and solve some issues that may have caused the error message.

Reset the MySQL Data

If your MySQL data is frozen, you can try to reset it using a tool like Mysqladmin or mysqldump. These tools will start from scratch and reset all of your data in one go.


By following these steps, you can solve MySQL Error 1364. Resetting the MySQL Database can fix the issue and allow your website to run correctly again. If you are frozen or have any other problems with your website, resetting the MySQL Database is a must-do step.