Terms of Use

 We are pleased that you want to join the Fixer Geek platform and encourage you to read the full Terms of Service.



Below is a summary of our terms of use in a nutshell:


  • Your "Big Brother Online"

Our mission is to become your "Big Brother Online" for your troubleshooting problems! We cater you with all possible tools to resolve your troubleshooting problems with your PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Apps and Web Services. Going as far as getting your problems sorted out by Fixers remotely!


  • Only Troubleshooting Questions please!

Unlike scores of answering websites interested in question like, 'How to loose weight without any supplements?' or 'What's the net worth of Jeff Bezos?' we focus our attention solely on day to day troubleshooting problems in technology categories and we like you to focus on these as well. Ask only troubleshooting questions you have regarding your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets, Apps and Web Services to help us grow!


  • Your Content - Your Responsibility

We remove copyright, trademark and patent infringements without notice. We will not take time to remove your questions and answers if they are regarding use of torrents, cracks, patches, hacks, dissembling, distributing virus, malware, spyware, ransomware, trojan, worm, stolen media, images, videos, music and information or methods that are illegal according to US Laws. With such activity you even risk removal of your account with us.


  • Strictly No Plagiarism

Be sure that you have rights needed to post your content and that content doesn't violate the rights of anyone. We also take down any duplicate content you just copied over from another website and pasted here. With such activity you even risk removal of your account with us. Beware!


  • Be Nice - Be Helpful

We do not tolerate harsh language, hate speech, harassment, bullying, scamming, spamming, defrauding, impersonation or misrepresentation of any kind on FixerGeek.com If we are reported such an activity by a Geek (a user on our website or app), we make no delays in taking down the account in question and its content after investigation. Other reasons from removing content from our site can be less severe, like not a good use of language or answers that do not solve the issue. This is not a debate platform nor it can be used to cause inconvenience to users. Be civil, be polite and be helpful with your knowledge.


  • We do not endorse or verify content posted

Operating a troubleshooting website on this level is not an easy task. We cannot verify whether the methods posted our website for a fix of a problem is working, correct or applicable. But as soon as we are reported an issue with it, we do all we can to investigate the content and either remove it or replace it. Furthermore, we do not endorse everything on our website as it is mostly community based effort of users like you.


  • Dispute Resolution Procedures

In an unlikely event where you paid for a service but didn't receive support or you gave support to a user and he didn't pay you, you should first try to resolve the issue amicably among yourself and the other party, however, you can contact us to resolve this issue when all else fails. We take Resolution matters very seriously and may have to dig deep to sort out the issue. In all those cases, we reserve the right to resolve the issue and give a final verdict as to what needs to be done to resolve it. In case you don't comply to our resolution procedures, you risk getting your account removed with us.


  • Reporting Complaints

If you have a complaint regarding a user or content posted on our website, you can report it and we'll investigate the matter. If you have infringement related issues, you must contact us first before contacting any third-party involved with FixerGeek.com

  • Rights of Administrators

We, being the owner of FixerGeek.com reserve the right to delete any content on our website for whatever reason. Furthermore, we can remove any user's account who doesn't respect our Terms of Use in any way, shape or form.