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Administrator, 18 July, 2023
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Pokemon Black How To Delete Save File

How To Delete Your Save File In Pokemon Black?IntroductionPokemon Black is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company for the Nintendo DS.... (Read more)
Administrator, 27 March, 2023
File Systems Technology

How to Enable XMP in Bios Asus and Gigabyte?

Recent leaks and rumors have excited a lot of memory enthusiasts, from possible specifications of the 3200 MHz G.Skill DDR4 kit to an additional leak for the Radeon VII. Both seem like... (Read more)
Administrator, 27 January, 2023
Gaming File Systems

How to Get Steam to Save Games on exFAT?

Many people migrate to exFAT after repartitioning and getting a new HDD or SSD and having trouble with the NTFS. If you are one of them, you would have problems running games on exFAT due... (Read more)
Administrator, 25 January, 2023
File Systems Windows

How to Convert FAT12 to FAT32?

If you are using Windows 10 and have recently tried to add a partition to your hard drive using File explorer or My Computer, you may have run into an error related to the file system.... (Read more)
Administrator, 25 January, 2023
Miscellaneous File Systems

How to Check if a Hard Drive is FAT16 or FAT32?

Do you have a hard drive that you need to format using Windows 10? There are an array of formatting options to choose from and knowing how to check a hard drive is FAT16 or FAT32 can be... (Read more)
Administrator, 25 January, 2023
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A Simple Guide to Change NTFS to FAT32 without Formatting

Are you worried about losing data? You have a massive hard drive that you want to reduce down to a smaller size using File Allocation Table (FAT) 32. The problem is that you’re on... (Read more)
Administrator, 9 January, 2023
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How to install Windows on Android Tablet PC?

How to install windows on android tablet pc? If you want to use your tablet as a laptop then its possible! Now, we are going to learn how to install Windows on Android Tablet PC.Do you own... (Read more)
Administrator, 27 December, 2022
Start Menu & Taskbar File Systems

How to fix Disappearing System Tray Icons in Windows 10?

Your new operating system might not appear as exciting as you expected. Windows 10's simple aesthetics let you focus on your work, without the distraction of menus, icons and toolbars.... (Read more)
Administrator, 25 October, 2022
Google Products File Systems

How to Get Google Drive to Show up in Windows File System?

Do you ever wonder why Google Drive isn't showing up in Windows File Explorer? It's because Google Drive is pinned to the taskbar and Windows only reads file systems when it is not... (Read more)