Data Security

Administrator, 21 March, 2023
User Control & Rights Data Security

How to Access Files from Another Computer on the Same Network?

Have you ever needed to access a file from another computer on your home/office network when the computer is turned off? It might have been late at night and you were too tired to wait for... (Read more)
Administrator, 4 January, 2023
Miscellaneous CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Data Security

How to copy protect files so they do not open on any other USB drive or CD/DVD?

Have you ever given your USB drive to a friend and discovered some files you stored were copied by your friend to his computer? Does it frighten you how anyone can copy the data on the USB... (Read more)
Administrator, 28 October, 2022
Network & Server Data Security

How to Use Safe Security Software for Data?

How to Use Safe Security Software for Data? With the massive growth of the online world and businesses, security has become a major issue. It is essential to get a good software help you in... (Read more)