How It Works?


Fixer Geek is your Big Brother Online! - It lets you:


  1. Find Answers to your Troubleshooting Questions
  2. Find Fixers who can fix your problem remotely
  3. Find Geeks who pay you if you fix their problem

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Meet Experts in troubleshooting categories including:


  1. PC
  2. Mac
  3. iPhone
  4. Android
  5. Web
  6. Office
  7. Apps
  8. Devices



Fixers use these methods to fix your problems:


  1. Remote Assistance
  2. Screen Sharing
  3. Voice Chat
  4. Text Chat

Let's see how Fixer Geek compares to Repair Shops:


Repair Shops


Repair Shop technicians may steal your data while you're unware.


You have to share passwords with repair shop technician.


Repair shops can't fix problems in all categories, getting rid of viruses or upgrading your OS ain't everything.


Hiring someone to come over can incur commute, recurring, subscription or upgrade charges that can be expensive.


You may need an appointment or wait for a week from now for someone to come fix your problem.


You may have tried to fix the problem yourself by reading 'How To' articles but got nowhere close to solving it.


You would rather concentrate your time on things that matter to you than waste time fixing problems of your PC.


You are never sure if the person you hire or visit a repair shop is not infected.


Individuals don't like standing in lines and corporates don't like paying extra upgrade or subscription fees.


Fixer Geek


Whereas at Fixer Geek; you can monitor everything remotely.


At Fixer Geek you're in control; you can type passwords at your end.


At Fixer Geek possibilities are endless! Whether it's that Photoshop bug or getting whole File Version Control implemented in your office.


At Fixer Geek you get what you pay for. No additional fees and no hidden charges.


Whereas with Fixer Geek, you get someone right now. No waiting lines and no appointments.


At Fixer Geek, you can find Geeks who have fixed the problem in the past. Furthermore, all Geeks are rated and ranked by other Geeks.


At Fixer Geek, you don't need to know anything technical. All you need is to talk to the Geek in the right category.


No fear of infections as you are working remotely at home. No need to invite anyone or visit any place.


Whether you're an individual or a corporate needing comprehensive support for your staff's most pressing issues; we have your back.