How To Fix Hover Email Issues?

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Gmail is one of the most preferred email service providers. Due to its astonishing features and high-end facilities, millions of people are showing their interest in this email platform. However, even Gmail users are not free from email related issues or errors. Some of the most common problems with Gmail are the inability to send or receive mails, failure to refresh inbox and so on. The term hover feature has been used by Google in order to refer to the preview of an email that could be easily accessed by hovering your mouse over that email while using Gmail.

Fix Hover Email Issues

Hover email is a powerful email client that provides various services to enhance your email experience. You can get professional emails for your website domain name. With any email service provider, there may be issues that arise every now and then.

Failing to receive emails is one of the most common issues that Hover users experience. We have made this article to help users fix the problem. Make sure to follow the steps carefully.


Below is a summary of the steps you need to do to fix your issues with receiving emails in Hover. If you need more details, we’re going to expound on each step further down the article.

  • Verify your mailbox password in Webmail.
  • Check if your server settings are correct through your email client.
  • Confirm that your domains MX record is accurate.
  • You can add email addresses to your approved senders' list.

Follow these methods one by one and see which one fixes the problem. For further details on each method, read below.

Verify your mailbox password in Webmail

One of the easiest ways you can test and find out the source of the issue is to log into your Hover account via Webmail. Follow the steps below to learn how.

  1. Visit Hover’s webmail portal. Once there, enter your Hover email address and password. Click Login. Refer to the image below.
    webmail portal
  2. If you fail to log into your Hover mailbox, you can try updating the password. Follow this tutorial link to learn how to do so. If you successfully log into your webmail, you can proceed to the next steps.

Check your server settings via your email client

One of the most common causes of email issues is having the wrong information in your email server settings. If you’re not receiving emails in your email client but are receiving them in your Webmail, then you need to double-check your email server settings if they are correct. You can follow this tutorial to do so.

The tutorial linked above will teach you all about the different settings you can change in your email client to help fix any issues with Hover mailboxes. Once you confirm that your email client’s server settings are indeed accurate, you can move on to the next step.

Confirm that your domains MX record is correct

Another factor that might interfere with receiving emails is an incorrect DNS panel in Hover’s MX DNS record. To correct this issue, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Hover’s website and sign in to the Control Panel.
    sign in Control Panel
  2. Locate the Overview page, where you can confirm your domain’s name servers. Refer to the image below.
    the Overview page
  3. If you are utilizing Hover’s name servers, go to the DNS panel to check your DNS records. Refer to the image below.
    the DNS panel
  4. Make sure that you see Hover’s MX record present in the DNS section. You can refer to the image below to see how this looks.
    MX record present

If your DNS records are managed by a third-party, you won’t see your nameservers pointing to Hover’s nameservers. Ensure that Hover’s MX record is added and present to where your nameservers are pointing towards. 

Add email addresses to the approved senders' list

Finally, if you’re not receiving emails from specific email addresses, you need to add them to the approved sender’s list.

  1. First, sign in to the Webmail portal.
    Webmail portal
  2. Once signed in, locate and click on the Settings option.
    click on Settings option
  3. Once opened, click on the Spam settings.
    the Spam settings
  4. Finally, in the Allowed Senders option, enter the email address that you’re having issues receiving emails from. Once done entering all the email addresses, click Save.
    the Allowed Senders option

Summary: Fix Hover Email Issues

  • Check the Spam folder.
  • Verify the destination email address.
  • Check Hover email MX records.
  • Ensure your domain is set up correctly with Hover.
  • Temporarily disable antivirus and firewall software to see if it's an issue with them (but make sure to re-enable it after you're done testing).
  • Remove any old MX records in DNS that are pointing to a different mail service provider.


Those are the steps you can take to troubleshoot email issues in Hover. If you’re still having trouble with receiving emails, you can contact Hover customer support for further assistance.