How To Uninstall VirtualBox Mac?

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The article will show you how to uninstall VirtualBox Mac. Uninstallation is a necessary step if you want to update your VirtualBox software or remove it completely. If you have no idea how to do that, don't worry. You are on the right site.

Like other applications, the VirtualBox uninstallation process is a little bit lengthy. But you can follow the process mentioned below to complete the action easily.

Uninstall VirtualBox Mac

Uninstallation Process

If your installation setup files for VirtualBox is already on your computer, you can skip the process from 1 to 9. Start the following process from step 10.

  1. At first, go to the desktop window of your computer.
  2. Now click on the ‘Go’ option from the Finder bar located on the top of the window.
  3. Choose the ‘Application’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Here the ‘Application’ window will appear. Choose a browser from the list. Safari web browser is the recommended one. Now open the browser.
  5. Now create a new tab on the browser.
  6. After that enter the following link in the search bar:
  7. VirtualBox download page will open here. Now click on the ‘OS X hosts’ to download the package.
  8. A pop-up will appear with the size of the file, now click on the ‘Save File’ to re-download the .dmg file.
  9. Now close the browser and go to the desktop of the PC.
  10. Move the .dmg file to the desktop page.
  11. Again, click on the ‘Go’ option from the Finder top bar.
  12. Now click on the ‘Utilities’ option from the drop-down menu.
  13. Now click on the ‘Activity Monitor’ from the Utilities window.
  14. Now search the ‘VirtualBox’ in the search box located on the top right corner of the Activity Monitor (All Processes) window.
  15. Now click on the VirtualBox to select it from the Process Name section.
  16. After selecting the VirtualBox, click on the ‘I’ button on the top left corner of the Activity Monitor (All Processes) window.
  17. A new window called ‘VirtualBox’ will appear, now click the ‘Open Files and Ports’ option from the new window.
    Files and Ports option
  18. Now select all the text under the ‘Open Files and Ports’ option.
  19. After the selection of text, copy the text now.
  20. Now open the ‘Notes’ Application.
    Create a new note
  21. Now paste the copied text into a new note and save it.
  22. After that return to the Activity Monitor> VirtualBox window.
  23. Now click on the ‘Quit’ option from the VirtualBox window.
  24. Process quit confirmation window will appear. Choose the ‘Force Quit’ option if the ‘Quit’ option doesn’t work.
  25. Now close the current window and go to the desktop of your PC.
  26. Now click twice on the VirtualBox to open it.
  27. After that, click on the ‘VirtualBox_Uninstall.tool’.
    Initiative of Uninstallation
  28. Now a command window will appear. It will ask for the confirmation of uninstallation. Then type ‘YES’ and press enter on the keyboard.
    Uninstallation command window
  29. Then it will ask its password. Type the password and press enter to continue.
    Enter the ime’s password
  30. Your uninstallation process has been completed. Now close the current window and restart your PC.
  31. Delete the extra files seeing the location from the Notes; which was created before.
  32. Again, click on the ‘Go’ option from the Finder bar.
  33. Then select the ‘Go to the Folder’ option.
  34. Type ‘~/Library’ in the search box of the ‘Go to folder’ window and click on the ‘Go’ option from the same window.
  35. Now search virtual and go to the ‘Library’ option.
    search virtual and go to Library
  36. Remove all the files to the trash related to the VirtualBox.
  37. Go to the ‘Library/ Preferences/’ and delete the ‘’ files.
  38. Again, go to the ‘Library/ Saved Application State’ and delete the folder ‘
  39. Finally Delete the files from the trash and your VirtualBox uninstallation process is complete.

Summary: How to uninstall VirtualBox Mac?

  • Remove VirtualBox.
  • The process of the app removal is not so simple as it might seem. New apps have a tendency to install their own web browser extensions, plugins and shortcuts in browsers. To remove them, you can follow our manual or install WiperSoft Antimalware from this page. This tool will automatically uninstall all unwanted apps and leftovers.
  • Go to Applications folder and find VirtualBox icon on it;
  • Drag VirtualBox icon to Trash or right-click on it and then select Move to Trash option;
  • Empty Trash;
  •  Now open Activity Monitor. Type "VirtualBox" in the search box and look for processes with this name running on your Mac. If anything remains, select it and click Quit Process button;
  • We strongly advise you to use WiperSoft Antimalware or Combo Cleaner Antivirus that will fix any problems related to this type of malware in just few clicks.
  • Uninstallation is a process that should be completed with reliable programs like App Cleaner & Uninstaller for Mac OS X. It automatically scans the system in order to find any traces of VirtualBox and removes them.