How To Download Internet Explorer Without A Browser?

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Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer a part of Bing search engine and you can’t download the browser from Microsoft’s website, since Microsoft has entirely stopped supporting it. But even today, most of the website online still works with IE. So if you are looking for a guide to understand how to get Internet Explorer without a Browser, then you have come to the right post.

Download Internet Explorer without a Browser

Launched in 1995, Internet Explorer is a defunct series of graphical internet browsers created by Microsoft and included with the Windows OS. On June 15, 2022, Internet Explorer will be phased out, and Microsoft Edge with IE mode for older sites will be the only option.

While there’s time, you can still enjoy the Internet Explorer on your Windows OS, and it doesn’t need a browser to install it. I’ll explain how to download and install Internet Explorer without a browser.

Downloading Internet Explorer without a Browser

Microsoft Edge has been the default browser for the windows ten system since Internet Explorer is about to expire soon. But the feature is still in the system, and you can enable/download it on your Windows PC. To download Internet Explorer on your PC without using a browser

  1. Type “turn” in the windows search bar and open the Windows feature on/off the program.
  2. Wait few seconds for the programs to load. Mark the checkbox for “Internet Explorer 11” and click on “OK.”
  3. The Internet Explorer will be automatically installed on your system. Type “Internet” in the search bar and open the “Internet Explorer” program.

How to Download and Install Google Chrome Browser on Windows and Mac?

Google Chrome is a Google-developed multi-platform web browser. It is one of the most popular browsers used right now. It comes with some amazing feature that attracts more users every day. Although we get a default browser with our operating systems, many prefer using an external browser like Chrome for a better user experience. Now, to download and install the browser on your Windows system

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge or any other browser and go to “” Click on the “Download Chrome” option. It will start downloading the Chrome installer.
    the Download Chrome option
  2. Locate the directory for the downloaded Chrome installer file and open it.
    Open the Chrome install file
  3. Click on “Yes,” and it will start downloading the files required for the installation.
    Download the required installation files
  4. Please wait for some minutes as it might take a while to download all the files depending on your download speed. The program will launch automatically when done. Make Chrome your default browser to enjoy the whole experience.
    Google Chrome first time set up page

To download and install Google Chrome on your Mac

  1. Go to “” using Safari or any browser.
  2. Click on “Download Chrome.”
  3. Select the type of chip used in your Mac. If you don’t have one of the latest Macbooks, you’ll probably have an Intel Chipset on it. It will download the “.dmg” file for Chrome.
    Select the Mac chip type
  4. Double-click the downloaded “.dmg” file. A new tab will pop up with the Chrome icon beside or above an application folder. Drag down the chrome symbol into the folder.
    Drag down the Chrome symbol
  5. Navigate to the Applications folder, then double-click on “Google Chrome.”
  6. Click on “Open,” and the Chrome program should launch automatically.

Can I Download Internet Explorer on Windows 10?

No need to download or install Internet Explorer because it’s a built-in function of Windows 10. Search for “Internet Explorer” in the Windows search bar and open the program.

Summary: Download Internet Explorer without a Browser

  • Find a friend with an Internet connection.
  • Get a USB drive from or give your friend a USB drive.
  • Download Internet Explorer at the friend's computer.
  • Install Internet Explorer on your computer through the portable version on your USB drive.
  • Uninstall the portable version of IE.