How to fix iPhone 4 charger?

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Everyone thinks about the iPhone 4s' gorgeous screen, upgraded cameras, powerhouse performance and other awesome features, but no one talks about the charger. I mean it's not important since it still works just as fine as an iPhone 4 charger does, except this one is smaller, right? Alright, what if your charger won't fit into your new iPhone4s? What do you do then? Even worse, what if the lightning pin on your iPhone 4s got bent out of shape? It's time to learn how to fix a broken or bent iPhone 4 charger!

Fix iPhone 4 charger

Although iPhone is a well-performing device, it can still malfunction from time to time. 'Not charging' is one of the many common problems with an iPhone. So in this latest troubleshooting guide, we will tackle the 'Not charging' problem in Apple iPhone 4.

Is Your Socket Switch On?

An idiotic yet common mistake. It would also be best not to plug the charger into a power socket without any power output. To solve this issue, you may try to plug the charger into a different power socket. Also, try not to attach the adapter via a multi-plug or an extension cord. As the extension itself may be faulty. Instead, plug into the outlet directly.

adapter works fine

Is the cable fitting in the charging port smoothly?

If not, then it may have dirt in the charging hole. So, clean up the charging hole using a toothbrush or toothpick gently. Please don't use a cotton swab; it may lodge inside the hole & also, don't use any metallic item that may ruin your iPhone instantly.

Sometimes, dirt intrusion can prove a hindrance. And it's a prevalent issue since our devices are exposed to different environments. Ensure that the phone's charging port is clean & clear from any types of debris by blowing air to it. If the phone's charging port is wet, you should dry it fast by leaving it in a warm area for an hour. If the iPhone 4 charge issue is still not solved, then check it out.

Use a toothpick to clear

Is your cable working?

You might need to confirm that your charging cable is not damaged. If it is, then a replacement is due. Two parts make a phone's central charging unit: the power adapter & the USB cord. The line can easily get damaged. So it would be best if you used a different charging cord. You may also try to use an additional USB adapter to charge your phone if using an extra cable doesn't work.

Charging cable are working well

Force restart the phone

Sometimes, a glitch in your phone can trigger such problems. If it is the issue, then try to force restart the device. This will solve the software problem.

  • Press and hold 'Home' for about 5 seconds• Hold the Sleep/Wake & Home button simultaneously.
  • Hold for around 10 seconds, and you should see the Apple logo.

If that doesn't work, check the other option.

Home button to force restart

Perform a hard reset

One but last troubleshooting solution is to consider doing a hard reset or factory reset to the iPhone. It will revert your phone to its default factory condition. Make a backup beforehand, as the factory reset will wipe off your data.

  • Ensure that your phone is off.
  • Insert the USB cable into the PC.  Then hold the home button to connect with your computer with iTunes running.
  • On the computer display, the detection of iTunes will appear, and the iPhone will go into recovery mode. Click on OK.
  • Click on Restore your iPhone.
  • Tap on 'Restore and Update.

If your iPhone still does not charge properly, this might be because of a faulty hardware component that prevents charging. The best thing to do at that point is to bring the phone to a service centre and have it checked accurately.

So, this may solve & fix the charging issue of your iPhone4.

Summary: Fix iPhone 4 charger

  • Disassemble the charging cable.
  • Remove the back side of the cable connector.
  • Cut the wire.
  • Cut a slit to expose the cable conductor.
  • Attach a new USB cord and shrink tubing to secure it.
  • Solder the wires together.
  • Put it all back together again.