How To Get Asana To Work With Your Gmail?

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Are you using Asana to manage your tasks, but still prefer using Gmail to send and receive your emails? Are you tired of copying messages and links from Gmail to Asana and vice versa? Would you like to use Asana for sending messages even if your recipient is not a member of Asana? Would you like to see all your tasks within one app without jumping between different apps every time? If so, here's how I got Asana to work with my Gmail.

Asana to work with your Gmail

Asana is a popular management platform that allows you to organize, manage, and track your team’s performance. With this virtual manager, you can track your project statistics in real-time, get important insights on the progress, and spot problems. So you can predict the outcomes and set milestones accordingly.

Nowadays, synchronization and compatibility between different platforms are crucial for work efficiency. Fortunately, Asana can easily integrate with Gmail and Google Calendar to keep your works dynamic and in-sync. So let’s find out how to get them to work together.

Advantages of Gmail + Asana Integration

Here are some advantages of the integration,

  • Directly create Asana tasks from your Gmail inbox.
  • Tasks automatically include the context.
  • Search for tasks with the Asana add-on.
  • You can comment or directly take action.
  • See existing tasks and add comments from Gmail.
  • Use Asana from the Android Gmail app

Learn more about the integration from here.

Getting Asana to work with your Gmail

  1. Go to Google Workspace Marketplace.
  2. Install “Asana for Gmail” add-on.Asana for Gmail
  3. Sign in to your Gmail. Make sure you used the Asana associated Gmail.
  4. Open any Asana email from Gmail, click on the Asana icon.
  5. If the integration doesn’t work, restart/refresh your browser.
  6. And you’re all set. Now you can manage and track any Asana task from your Gmail.

For further instructions, you can use this help article.

How to sync Asana with Google Calendar?

Asana can sync with the Google Calendar as well. With this integration, you can keep track of important events, meetings, and other schedules directly from the Google Calendar.

Syncing Asana with your Google Calendar is very easy. Just follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Log In to your Asana account.
  2. Go to “My Tasks” from the left-hand column (for laptop users). If you’re using a large-screen monitor, you’ll find it in a horizontal menu near the top.Locating my tasks
  3. Once you’re on the “My Tasks” tab, look for a dropdown arrow icon next to the workspace name.Sync to calendar from my task
  4. Click on it, you’ll see an option called “Sync to calendar”.
  5. Once you press that, a window will pop up with a link (like below). Copy the link.
  6. Go to your Google Calendar.
  7. Navigate to “Other Calendars” from the left vertical menu.
  8. Click the “+” icon to add a new calendar.
  9. Select “From URL”add a new calendar and select URL
  10. A window will pop up. Paste the link that you copied earlier. Then click “Add Calendar”.Pasting URL and adding calendar
  11. It’s done! Your Asana calendar tasks will show up in your Google Calendar immediately. Although if you have a lot of tasks set in your Asana calendar, the import may take some time. So have patience.

And there you go! You now have your Asana workspace synced with both your Gmail and Google Calendar. Swiftly organize your Asana tasks and schedules through Google platforms and stay ahead of the others.

Summary: Get Asana to work with your Gmail

  • Open your Gmail inbox.
  • Open settings.
  • Open the Labs tab.
  • Enable the Asana task list lab add-on.
  • Activate Asana in your Gmail inbox by opening your Settings menu and navigating to the Asana tab.
  • Click 'Connect with Google.'
  • Click 'Accept' in the window that opens up.
  • You are now connected! The Asana button will appear in your Gmail toolbar. You can also create tasks in Gmail by right clicking on emails and selecting 'Add to Asana.'