How To Export Google Maps Route For Basecamp?

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How to export Google Maps route for Basecamp? If you often travel and have business trips, you may have come across a situation when you need to export your Google Maps route for any reason: to give additional information that is important for the trip, to get a ready-to-use screenshot or save it in electronic form.

Export Google Maps route for Basecamp

There’s no need to reintroduce Google Maps after so many years. Since its beginning in 2004, Google Maps have come a long way. The world is literally in the palm of our hands right now. Whether you want to find the nearest pharmacy or want to plan your next trip, .. With route projection and real-time GPS tracking, Google Maps is becoming even more dynamic.

Compared to that, Garmin Basecamp is fairly new and still in an experimental state. But even so, it’s showing some promises. You can use Garmin Basecamp to track routes and pinpoint geographical locations. You can geotag your photos and relate them to specific waypoints.

With Basecamp, you can also transfer photos from your portable device, to add to the map. Now the good thing is, you can import routes from Google Map to Basecamp. So you can precisely define the waypoints and add incredible images to your collections. 

So let’s find out how to do it.


  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Set 2 or more waypoints to generate a route. To set waypoints, go to the Directions tab from the menu. Then input the names of your waypoints.
    Selecting waypoints
  3. You can set more than 2 waypoints for a more elaborate route. Select Add Destination from the menu.
  4. After you’ve set the waypoints, click on the menu icon on the top left.
    Opening menu
  5. From the menu, select “Share or embed map”
    Select share or embed map
  6. A window will pop-up with the route link. Copy the link.
    Copy sharable linkNow comes the tricky part. Formerly, you could directly export route data into a KML file. After that, you could simply import the KML from Garmin Basecamp.But now, that option is no more. So we have to convert our map data into a GPX file. Garmin Basecamp also supports the GPX format.
    To do so, you have to go to a third party website. I suggest Maps To Gpx. It’s free, simple, and efficient.
  7. Go to Maps To Gpx and paste the route link you copied earlier. Press ‘Let’s go’.
    Converting map data to gpx
  8. After conversion, you’ll receive a file with a .gpx extension.
    GPX file downloaded
  9. Now open your Garmin Basecamp. Go to File -> Import into My Collection.
    Import into My Collection
  10. Locate the file you downloaded earlier. You can easily filter it out as Basecamp only supports a few select formats. In this case, our file had a .gpx extension. Click to open.
    Importing the gpx fileAnd you’re all set! You can take a look at your Basemap interface and you’ll see the route you exported from Google Maps. Your waypoints will be flagged so you can quickly spot them. Also, the entire route will have arrow marks to assist you with the directions. You can further adjust or add labels from the software interface.
    route now visible in your Basemap

There you go! By converting a Google Map route into a.GPX format, you can use the route data with other Mapping software such as GIS as well. 

Summary: Export Google Maps route for Basecamp

  • To export the directions from Google Maps to Basecamp.
  • On your computer, open Google Maps.
  • On the left, click Menu.
  • Click My Places.
  • Click the map with the directions you want to use.
  • At the bottom, click Send Directions.
  • Copy and paste the code in to a note on Basecamp.