How To Use Microsoft Power Point?

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How do you use Microsoft Power Point? Lots of people want to know how to use this software properly. Whether you're simply curious about how Power Point can help you or are a proficient user who just wants to learn tips and tricks, this is the guide for you.

Use Microsoft Power Point

Microsoft Power Point is a program that has been long used by many business professionals, students, teachers and others to make presentation. It gives you the ability to use visual media as a tool in doing a presentation.

Microsoft Power Point is developed by Microsoft as a part of Microsoft Office software pack. It was developed along with other popular software like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Many users prefer Microsoft Power Point instead of other programs, such as Keynote from Apple and Slides from Google, because it is very easy to use and understand. The terms used are quite straightforward, making it suitable even for inexperienced users.

Now, we will see how to use Microsoft Power Point. We will explain the steps briefly, starting from making a new presentation, adding a new slide, to making a slideshow from your presentation. Read on learn how to use Microsoft Power Point.

How to Make Presentation?

Follow these steps to make a presentation using Power Point:

  1. Open Power Point. This will then give you some template options. From the options provided, choose “Blank Presentation”.
    choose Blank Presentation
  2. This option will provide you with a default template without any kind of formatting. The new slide will look like the picture below.
    default template
  3. As you can see, this format is not compelling to look at. You will need to add shapes and colors so that it becomes more appealing. You can try adding them on your own. Power Point comes with various kinds of formatted presentations. You can simply just choose one that suits your presentation best.
  4. To do this, click on the Design section on the upper side of the screen. You will then see several available formatting, choose one and the program will immediately apply the format to your presentation.
    click on the Design section

How to Add Texts and New Slides?

  1. When you are done deciding the right format, the next step is to add text. You will see two text boxes on the slide. To add texts, click on one of the text boxes and start typing on it.
    deciding the right format
  2. Now that you have typed the title and the subtitle for the presentation, we can now move to a new slide. Go to the HOME section and select the New Slide option on the left part of the screen.
    the HOME section

You can repeat this step endlessly to add as many slides as you need. You can also click the drop-down button under the New Slide option to choose different kinds of slide formats.

Your texts should be easy to read. Thus, you should use simple font types like Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, etc. Decorative font types are also not recommended to use in a presentation.

How to Make a Slideshow from your Presentation?

In Power Point, you have the option to add many transition and animation effects to your slideshow. But, we will need a whole new article to discuss it. This time, we will tell you the easiest way to turn your presentation into a slideshow.

  1. On the lower right side of the screen, you can see a presentation screen symbol. Click on it and you have successfully made a slideshow from your presentation.
    presentation screen symbol

You can also save your presentation in a .ppsx format so it will be saved as a slideshow file. If you choose to do this, don’t forget to also save it in .pptx format, just in case you need to edit it in the future.

Summary: How to Use Microsoft Power Point?

  • To start a new presentation, click File > New.
  • You can add text by clicking on the text box button in the toolbar along the top of your screen.
  • You can add an image by clicking on the image button in the toolbar along the top of your screen.
  • You can add shapes to your slide by clicking on the shapes button in the toolbar along the top of your screen.
  • You can also change how your slides look with different themes - to do this, select Design from the menu and then choose a theme you like from one of the options.
  • To arrange images and text boxes, select them using your cursor and then drag them where you want them to appear on your PowerPoint slide.
  • Articles you find online often have more than one image so you may want to copy these onto your presentation.
  • If you want fancy fonts for captions, remember that these may not be supported by all computers so choose fonts that are simple and will display properly everywhere.
  • Microsoft Power Point is a great way to keep information organized and share it with others!


Congratulations! Now you have mastered all the basic skills of using Microsoft Power Point. However, be mindful that it would be better for you to have a simplified presentation. Don’t add unnecessary slides to avoid giving unnecessary information to your viewers.