How To Automatically Send Notes From Hubspot CRM To A Slack Channel On Zapier?

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Today we’ll start looking at a new and incredibly powerful tool: Zapier. With it you can automate dozens of actions between different platforms and perform the same steps over and over with just one click. In this article, I’ll give an introduction to the tool and show you how to use it in order to send all the notes from your HubSpot CRM directly to Slack channels.

Automatically send notes from Hubspot CRM

Time to skip all the tedious labor on contact/form management. Why not save the entire space with some versatile combination?

HubSpot CRM Slack Integration on Zapier for Sending Notes Automatically

Start sending professional info between Slack Channel & HubSpot CRM. Managing the two platforms simultaneously means less pressure on online job detailing. You may find some delicate, improper, or slightly functional integrations online.

But Zapier comes with the perfect method to save you time, effort, or hassle. It basically takes no time to send your notes automatically through the interlinked platform. Clicking on some specified buttons to unlock the facility.

Details on HubSpot CRM + Slack Channel

Marketing, customer success, or sales – you can’t deny the usefulness of HubSpot management. And its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provides an absolute solution with additional closed leads.

Meanwhile, Slack Channel appears as one professional platform to conduct communications with some people. The digital workplace gets you connected to all the clients & supporting online tools.

You can easily attend to all the HubSpot tasks, slash commands & push notifications. And no need to change the tabs every now & then. The integration enables an overlapped deal directly within Slack Channel.

HubSpot CRM with Slack Channel

Why Zapier Integration?

Not to say there’s no better alternative to Zapier’s defined connectivity. Zapier comes to facilitate one extremely simple yet highly efficient joint. Its particular integration will immediately patch the intended platforms.

For HubSpot alone, Zapier offers 2000+ app connectivity. Of course, the Slack Channel comes on top of applications to patch with HubSpot CRM. For the surprise, there come several ways to test the integrated connectivity.

Standard Dashboard of HubSpot CRM

Going to the Zapier website, you’ll find several methods for accomplishing the integration. Each way appears distinctive in terms of certain features. You’ll have to sort out your preference for making the ultimate choice.

Guidelines on HubSpot + Slack Interconnection

Integrating the two professional webapps remain simple with some mere clicks on the mouse.

  1. Press on the blue-colored ‘Connect HubSpot + Slack’ button for a startup. It’ll initiate the authentication process. The click should open pop-up windows. 
  2. Sign in to your authenticate HubSpot account. Now, log in to the intended Slack Channel account. The process shouldn’t cost you more than 30 seconds.
  3. Choose one particular app to act as the integration Trigger. The picked app should start kicking off the automation process. And you’re to spend only 15 seconds on the step.
  4. Now, pick the other app to act as the resulting Action. Likewise, you can accomplish the step within 15 seconds only.
  5. Check-in all the virtual information (data) intended to transfer. Start transacting the data between the interconnected apps. The process should complete within 2 minutes.

The whole process costs you 30sec + 15sec + 15sec + 2min = 3 minutes. There’s no implementing complexity or other issues with the setup.

All the available Triggers with relevant Action come enlisted right on the website. Explore further details from HubSpot + Slack Integration from Zapier itself.

Summary: Automatically send notes from Hubspot CRM to a Slack channel on Zapier

  • Choose Hubspot CRM as the Trigger App.
  • Select a Trigger. For this example, we'll use New Note.
  • Connect Your Hubspot CRM Account.
  • Select a Hubspot CRM Account.
  • Choose Slack as the Action App.
  • Select an Action. For this example, we'll use Send Channel Message.
  • Connect Your Slack Account.
  • Select a Slack Account.
  • Customize the Message Details.
  • Choose Your Channel and add in optional details, like an Emoji or Attachment, if desired. Then, click continue to test your workflow.